The Theoretical Implications Of Esoteric Social Psychology

*This Is A Shrine Of Protected Light Publication.
When we consider the dynamics of life and that on average, we are half asleep most of the time on autopilot, the question has to be asked,  do we ever experience true reality?
Like the lungs, heart, and a number of other functions, there are many variables that are interlinked and entangled within the environment that can be defined as unseen.  These factors all remain affixed within the back of your mind, as does a blueprint of your reality.
The blueprint of our reality gives us the ability to navigate through life without being overwhelmed within our environment.  We are not seeing reality, but only its representation held within our subconscious and presented as a projected pseudo-reality in our conscious mind. Somewhat like the matrix, but explained from the aspects of a biological neural network and not the artificial intelligence of a machine. Although, we could explore this topic further, and trust me, we could, but I will leave it for another day’s discussion.
Our minds live in an ocean of perceptions that are nothing more but secondary signals and not true direct contact with reality. We perceive a reality built within our subconscious and live in a world developed and created by the mind, but yet lacks the spirituality for adequate growth, and this is where humanity suffers.
We can see this in Carl Jung’s psychological theories about a spiritual foundation that surpasses the material world around us. His works surrounded the exploration of the deeper aspects of the innate potential of the individual and its fulfillment.
Some of his psychological examinations studied the interconnections of religion on a personal level. This was called “Individuation” and surrounded the mystic heart that was connected to all religions. It is a journey to meet The Self and The Divine.
The importance of prayer has been seen in many psychological examinations when it comes to those who have been diagnoses with some sort of medical condition that needs the intervention of a spiritual nature. The importance of spirituality has a root in the very fabric of society. This can best be surmised by Carl Jung when he states.
“Modern society came into existence during the industrial revolution, when large portions of the population were driven from small towns into big cities in search of work and opportunity – instigating the birth of a mass society. While the development of a mass society generated benefits through the intensification of the division of labor, it also brought perilous problems. This new form of existence…produced an individual who was unstable, insecure, and suggestible.” 
-Carl Jung, The Fight With the Shadow.
“To me the crux of the spiritual problem today is to be found in the fascination which the psyche holds for modern man….if we are optimistically inclined, we shall see in it the promise of a far-reaching spiritual change in the Western world. At all events, it is a significant phenomenon…important because it touches those irrational and—as history shows —incalculable psychic forces which transform the life of peoples and civilizations in ways that are unforeseen and unforeseeable. These are the forces, still invisible to many persons today, which are at the bottom of the present “psychological” interest.” 

-Carl Jung, The Spiritual Problem of Modern Man.
This may also lead into the discourse of the dysfunctional nature of social education and its connections with social-institutional problems.
But as we try to become more solution oriented as a society, moving beyond the debate, we find that there is an underlying synchronicity between the variables that are observed in our social environment. This leads to further exploration into social education and how we can lower dysfunction among the populace.
As we approach a shift in energy, not only in our consciousness, but in how we act as a society, we shall see a shift in ourselves. For each individual is responsible for the path that they choose because our lives interact with others who have fashioned their own blueprints of perception. This can be defined as an linked perceptional field, but with so many perceptions, which one is correct?
The truth is that no one is correct because ultimately it is an illusion that is based not on sensory perception, but internal feelings and discourse.
“And so something that I thought I was seeing with my eyes is in fact grasped solely by the faculty of judgment which is in my mind.” 
-René Descartes.
To better explain, let us put to the point this phrase taken from Discourse on the Method and Principles of Philosophy by Descartes. 
“Cogito Ergo Sum”
“I think, therefore I am”
When pursuing this frame of conventional thinking, we must consider the fact that our existence is based not on what we find in our environment, but what we find in the representation of that environment within our own minds. Henceforth, the true outside reality that is external from us is nothing more but one big question, and thus we as humanity have been trying to decipher this mystery, but in reality, it isn’t such a mystery after all. This is something that we will lead back into later, but first, let’s lay some ground work before we dive deeper into what reality is, and trust me, the Matrix movies only scratches the surface.
The very fact that we are able to extend our mental focus beyond our own egos, shows that consciousness is not central to our own existence, but of others as well; making the very notion of thought real because thought has the ability to think beyond itself.
In essence, we can prove our existence in thought or thought forms, but not physically.The next question then becomes, if we exist in thought and not in matter, then what am I touching, smelling, seeing, hearing, and so on with all of my senses. If you are telling me that nothing is physical, and only thought, then why is my world so physical.
The answer to this question lies in the fact that the medium that you exist in cannot define a reality outside of itself. Maturity is a good example, no matter how much information a child has, they are still a child. One must be able to see beyond the veil of their own existence in order to perceive a reality greater than their own.
The only truth that we own is the one within our own minds. Our reality is physical because that is how we choose to define this reality within the nature of our perceptional fields.
How do we truly define what we are and what is around us if perceptional fields mask what we are trying to find. Yes, I said that….confused yet? Okay, how about this one below.
What foundation can we establish that will bring forth illumination upon this dark path? What medium can we use that is unpolluted by our own bias since everything we know is based upon the very thing that isn’t real. How can we know something is real when we ourselves live in a world of illusion? The best way to explain the solution to this dilemma is to understand this question from the ideology of the “law of parsimony”, also better known as Occam’s razor.
From that premise, we must come to the conclusion that reality is based upon personal perception and not the nature of physics. Reality has a deeper foundation that is held within consciousness. In essence, perception is a mental-based psychological dynamic. Henceforth, things of perception are rooted within a psychological framework within the mind and not the physical world.
Our minds define existence, and existence is based within our minds where we are only receiving a representation of reality which is created by the psychological nature of our perceptions in the neural networks of our minds, or consciousness.
We live in our minds and that is the world around us. We are trapped by the very thing that we use to define our existence and thus everything is the mind. So if everything in the mind is our reality, maybe reality is nothing more but a well-orchestrated dream and the illusion of physical reality gives us the ability to interact with the dream.
A movie named “Inception” explored the idea of whole worlds being developed within our minds that are just as real as the outside world that we think is real, but in reality is nothing more but a dreamscape, which is another good movie to explore.
Now that we have defined our world as a linked perceptional reality based within our minds, then we must come to another conclusion, that if reality is not physical, then how are the minds that shape this reality fashioned? This leads to the next article where we will explore the invisible variables that link us to the true nature of reality, and consciousness.





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