Welcome To The Shrine Of Protected Light (SOPL).

Presenting Thoughts And Ideas Pertaining To Social, Psychological, & Esoteric Education.

“In Order To Reach Heaven, We May Have To Walk Through Hell.” —SOPL



This is the universal symbol for balance and cohesion within known existence and creates the foundation for all of existence, past, present, and future. Like a program, it runs through several patterns of energy that are activated by conciousnous. It is here, that we shall start or path into the deeper aspects of the mind, body, and soul.




This “SYMBOL”, or “SIGIL” also leads to this “TREE”, or should I say, map to the mind, body, and soul. Navigation may be difficult, but if planned in a balanced state of focused concentration and dedication, one can achieve great heights within the realms of illumination. But the path can be tricky and can either lead you to the door of heaven or hell. The truth still remains, we are the “DOOR”, and our environment becomes the key, and it is our minds that will shape this key into FREEDOM and the TRUTH.




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